Beginning April 1, 2023, Frederick A. Erben, Jennifer K. Wales, and the law firm of Beddow, Erben, Bowen & Wales will move the location of their offices to the 3rd floor of the historic Gilbreath Building, located at 2019 Third Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203.

Services / Industries

Business Law (Fred Erben)

Business Litigation (Fred Erben)

Business Formation (Fred Erben)

Breach of Contract (Fred Erben)

Civil Litigation (Fred Erben)

Construction Law (Fred Erben)

Child Custody (Fred Erben, Jennifer Wales)

Child Support (Fred Erben, Jennifer Wales)

Criminal Law (Fred Erben)

Domestic Relations (Fred Erben, Jennifer Wales)

Divorce (Fred Erben, Jennifer Wales)

DUI Representation (Fred Erben)

Estate Administration (Jennifer Wales, Fred Erben)

Family Law (Fred Erben, Jennifer Wales)

International Law (Jennifer Wales)

Medical Malpractice (Fred Erben)

Medical Products and Devices (Fred Erben)

Motor Vehicle Accidents (Fred Erben)

Motor Vehicle Defects (Fred Erben)

Modifications of Divorce Decrees and Child Support Orders (Fred Erben, Jennifer Wales)

Personal Injury (Fred Erben)

Premises Liability (Fred Erben)

Products Liability Law (Fred Erben)

Probate (Jennifer Wales, Fred Erben)

Recreational Products (Fred Erben)

Slip and Fall (Fred Erben, Fred Erben)

Wrongful Death (Fred Erben)

Wills (Fred Erben, Jennifer Wales)